John Branca Attorney and How an Attorney Helps Creative Professionals

Being your own boss is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning your own business. While many small business owners focus on services or physical items there are also highly successful people working in creative fields. Creative endeavors are one of the oldest do-it-yourself jobs with famous artists and musicians being a key part of history around the world. If you’re dedicated, hardworking, and creative you can turn your passion into a job and with a little luck, you may become a household name all over the world. While making it is certainly hard work there are a lot of considerations when you succeed in your goals. If you find your music career taking off one of the first things you should do is hire your own attorney. Hiring your own attorney isn’t just for big corporations artists need them too and here are some reasons why. 

Why Creative Professionals Need An Attorney

·         Contracts You Sign: as an artist, it’s easy to get taken advantage of if you don’t read the fine print. One of the most important things your attorney does for you is read contracts you’re offered to make sure the terms are fair and that you are not taken advantage of. Musicians have often signed contracts that were not to their benefit and with the proper legal assistance you can avoid signing a contract that does not give you a fair share. 

·         Contracts Others Sign With You: the other side of contracts is when you’re hiring somebody to perform a task. The contracts you sign with third-party companies or other professionals to do work for you also have to be clearly defined on what is expected, the compensation involved, and the terms of the deal. Your attorney will make sure these contracts are fair, enforceable, legal, and agreed upon by all involved parties.

·         Protecting Your Work and Image: the music you make and your band have it be carefully protected. Copyrighting and trademarks help you control not just your music and how it used but also your band’s name, logo, and various associated imagery. Without having proper protections in place you can easily encounter situations where other people are using your music without permission or creating bootleg t-shirts. This harms both your bottom line and your band’s professional reputation. 

·         Litigation and Other Random Occurrences: those in the music industry can find themselves in court for a variety of reasons, some more legitimate than others. Sadly, it seems a part of fame is the occasional legal matter. No matter the validity of such proceedings you need a professional attorney to address them. Having a personal attorney means you are prepared to respond to any legal concerns as soon as they arise.

Final Thoughts

Make no mistake being a musician can be a highly rewarding career and there are very few professions where you can so closely see how your work affects others. Having an attorney isn’t unusual it is expected. If you owned a successful landscaping company you certainly would have some type of legal expert in your employ, and music is no different. By having a music attorney you can rest easier knowing you have a professional looking out for your best interests.



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