Julianne Tanella Discusses Tips to Help First-Time Songwriters in 2021

Julianne Tanella has started seeing some tremendous success in her young life. After experiences on American Idol and singing the national anthem for NHL games, she released her first single “Heartgo” and has many more coming in the near future. She recently discussed a few ways that beginning songwriters can craft songs that they not only like but also appeal to others.

Julianne Tanella Shares Great Songwriting Tips for Others

Although Julianne Tanella is still a relatively young woman, she has already accomplished many of her impressive life goals. For example, she has performed in many acapella groups over the years and recently released her first single on various platforms, aiming to spread her energy with millions of people around the world.

And while Julianne Tanella has not yet had the success of a Taylor Swift in her career at this point, she has long studied the art of songwriting and feels humbly equipped with the skills to provide some tips for first-time songwriters who are just getting started. Many of these tips are things Julianne Tanella learned from other musicians over the years and are things she has used in her works.

The keystone advice that Julianne Tanella has to offer is “write what you know.” This statement is something that has become a cliché in the literary world, but it holds. “If you know heartbreak… pain… love… euphoria.. life… write about it”. But if you don’t know a thing about a sport and want to write about succeeding in it, Julianne Tanella believes it is best to leave that topic to another person. Stay true to who you are and what energy you give off.

Similarly, Julianne Tanella also suggests that writers don’t marry themselves to their art and remain willing to listen to constructive criticism. Talk to other songwriters and musicians, play your tracks, and see what they think about them. Don’t get upset if they don’t immediately fawn over your art. Instead, listen to what they have to say about what they think are weak points and consider changing them. You don’t always have to apply their advice, but it is a good practice to become familiar with what other people take a liking to and for what reasons.

Julianne Tanella suggests starting simply and slowly building ideas one element at a time. Complexity is not always the end goal. Oftentimes, more is less. Play around with two or three chords and develop a vocal melody on top that follows it. This song might not be great, Julianne Tanella says, but it will help you understand your rhythmic tendencies and work through mental writing blocks. It is then you can add additional flavors to your work.

Just as importantly, Julianne Tanella says that it is essential to be prepared for your first few songs to be a little rougher than you’d like. While this is her first released song, it is far from the first song she has ever written. Experiment with chord progressions and melodies, try out different word combinations and be prepared to write many, many bad songs before you write a great one. It is all about the journey, and this journey has only begun.

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