Music and Spirituality

In many culture spirituality and music goes hand in hand. Music, time and again has been infused with spiritual activities to intensify the feelings of worship, meditation and ritual. Spirituality has a lot of meanings attached to it. It is hard to defined what spirituality actually means, it depends person to person since it is a subjective experience. But music is definitely one defining feature of spirituality. Music helps people to transcend into a whole different world. Many feel an exchange of energy when they engage themselves with music. Music is an essential part of spirituality. Music and spirituality are intertwined in a way where it is impossible to separate the two and one cannot really tell where spirituality ends and music begins and vice-versa.

The spiritual nature of music isn’t defined by religion, culture or genre. It transcends all these components. These institutions are what that creates a distinction in the world, this is what separate one from the other, whereas music brings it all together. A tune which soothes your ears breaks all these distinctions and makes you one with all. Some even consider the creation of music to be spiritual. Music is expression yourself, connecting with the inner you with the world outside. It is a whole process to create music which can be cathartic for individuals. It is the most universal way of expressing one self and most effective as well. As a musician it is extremely important to connect with your inner self so that you understand what kind of music you want to create. This experience can be really satisfying and can help you create some great music.

Listening to music is also a spiritual experience. There is that one tune or song which makes us forget all our worries and relaxes our nerves. In fact, it is an essential part of meditation. A good tune playing in the background while you meditate improves the quality of your meditation and makes you more relaxed.

Therefore, it can be said that music and spirituality are simply inseparable. If you want to have that peace of mind and attain that level of spirituality where you really connect with yourself then you should definitely go for some kind of music class. Your music class can be your safe space and whatever you learn from the experience can be really rewarding. Starting this journey to reach inner peace can be really beautiful, especially when you do it via music, because there is simply no other way to do it. You don’t have to be a professional musician to join music classes, you don’t have to create great music either. You just have to embrace the process and let music do its magic on you!

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