Rappers who you didn’t know where parents

The biggest stars in Hollywood are always in the news, ensuring viewers could feel like they know everything about their lives. But even after years of watching celebrities, you may be shocked to discover that parents are some of your favourites, even of more than one child.

Some musicians are family guys, and with only one or two baby moms they have tons of kids. Yet other people have actually sown their wild oats, impregnating collaborators, supporters and just about everyone else who may have them. Some men have more than half a dozen children on this chart, and a few who have more than a dozen. All of these rappers are pretty cool fathers, but before the paternity suit came, there were a few who didn’t really know about their baby.

If they are rap pioneers or youthful rhymers, some of these men have more children, or even records, than records. And also went bankrupt with their broods. Others, though, do not only star in their own name, but still on their path to forming their own rap empire.

Master P And His kids:

When the ice cream guy appears at the house of Master P, there are lots of children happy to catch a treat. Before they broke up, the musician and company mogul had seven children with his wife Sonya, and had a nasty battle over custody. Eventually, in a move to prevent him from having his son, she accused him of verbal and physical violence.

In 2016, however, the three then underage children stayed with him, as the judge claimed Sonya had to stay sober. The children wound up writing the judge’s papers. P’s eldest children are struggling to find their own way in the business. His oldest is Lil ‘Romeo, who produced a couple of albums and appeared in several films. His daughter Cymphonique is both an actress and a musician.

Drake with his son:

Who is Drake? The 33-year-old popular Canadian musician, born Aubrey Drake Graham, posted some pictures of his baby, his son’s 30-year-old mother Sophie Brussaux and his own kin. The photo collection came with a heartfelt comment about using our quarantine period to become a stronger human, and mentioned that he is looking forward to reuniting with his family.

This is the first time the public has seen Adonis since Pusha T announced Drake’s hidden son in his 2018 diss-track, “The Tale Of Adidon.” Drake was quiet on the allegations until he launched his 2018 album, “Scorpion,” where he cleaned up the whole universe about his baby.

Finally, he seems like he wants to be interested in the life of his boy, even though both him and his fans were surprised by the report. Insiders reported that while Drake skipped the baby’s birth owing to his adamant reluctance to accept the child’s father, he was striving to be more present in the life of his young son. He’s also gone so far as chartering private planes for his son and Brussels so they can be together for the holidays.

Drake hasn’t really shared anything with his fans about his baby. The star maintains his personal affairs only that, private. However, the artist shows what looks like an image of a baby boy on his forearm, in a new post on Instagram. Speculations, clearly, point to his kid being a portrait. He’s becoming more open about his relationship with the child. He posts a few sneak peeks at their lives on his social network pages as time goes on.


DMX has 15 children and 9 separate females. While he holds much of the particular details confidential, the identities of some of the mothers and children he has revealed.

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